Sunday, 10 June 2012

SHINHWA Broadcast, a bowl of intense taste jjamppong

I'm not sure this article has been already translated or not, but anyway, I just wanted to introduce it to more fans in the world. This article about Shinhwa & SHINee episode of Shinhwa Broadcast is so impressive! Hope you like it. :D

※ source: 10 asia article (link)

Shinhwa Broadcast, a bowl of intense taste jjamppong*

The 14-year-legend Shinhwa and SHINee(4 years) compete each other. This gathering, between two attractive male idol groups, could have been a Dream Team episode, full of seniority-best and jealousy. But Shinhwa Broadcast started the show by announcing the scout ranking of Shinhwa members as a SHINee member. It revealed Shinhwa members' past as 'kiwi prince' Andy and 'father of height insole' Kim DongWan, etc and led them to dance each other's choreography. This process helped SHINee to mingle in the show and focus on the matches later. Also, this part differentiates Shinhwa Broadcast, from other variety shows, with its distinctive humor code.

The star of Shinhwa Broadcast; is 14-year-old, the most longevity idol group. After losing the vaulting horse match, JunJin reminisces about himself 10 years ago, jumping over 270cm. When MinHo mentions Kim DongWan's past, DongWan reminds others of his past as 'disgraceful brothers' with Lee SungJin. In the episode 'Shinhwa & SHINee', Shinhwa members don't bother creating their new variety characters. Instead, they reconfirm their existing variety characters that they have developed through numerous TV shows so far. 'Athlete-idol' JunJin is not as good as he used to be and a director of a company, Andy, used to be 'kiwi prince'. Such characters are the result of combining their characters through a lot of shows from the past till now. Shinhwa and & Shinhwa Broadcast show the history of Shinhwa's variety skills, and Shinhwa presents it well as humor code. JunJin's remark about Shinhwa Broadcast, naming the show "jjamppong* broadcast" is the most accurate description about Shinhwa Broadcast. Not only because of its random format in an episode, but also its showing themselves' mixed variety characters infinitely. Hence, Shinhwa Broadcast is jjamppoing. The more you mix, the more tasty.

*jjamppong: spicy seafood noodles (often used as a metaphor for a combination of something)