how to play

How to play softsubs (smi) + raw video file

1. Download a raw file from torrent or webhard
 - torrent: You can find some torrent files from google easily
- webhard: You can google it as well. There are several blogs provide the download source

2. Download a softsubs (smi) file

** It's usually less than 1mb and doesn't play by itself. You have to download the raw file to play with smi file.

3. Get ready a media player that can play avi or mp4
** Usually, window media player doesn't play avi or mp4 properly. It's better to download KMPlayer or VLC (for mac). I also recommend GOM player which is the most popular one in Korea. There's Eng version as well.

GOM Media Player (Eng ver.) : download

4. Play the raw file and then drag and drop the smi into the player
** Or you can play the video file first and then right click, find the subtitles menu, and choose the smi file to open.

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